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-Mark F.

  » Choosing the Right Real Estate Auction Company

Utilizing the auction method of marketing is now an alternative way to market and sell your properties in California. As real estate auctions become more popular there will be more companies that claim they are legitimate real estate auction firms. Here are a few questions that can be asked to determine whether or not the auction company is reputable…
Does your company exclusively sell real estate at auction or do you also use the list and sell method?
Companies that claim to sell real estate at auction but are also list and sell agencies have a conflict of interest. The list and sell method is the exact opposite of the auction method and means that agencies that practice both do not have complete confidence that the auction method of marketing is the right choice for your real estate transaction. Your best choice would be a company that only specializes in the auction method of marketing real estate because they fully understand how auctions will benefit you and have complete confidence in their ability to sell your property at fair market value.
Does your company exclusively sell real estate at auction or do you also conduct auctions selling other types of product?
There are many auctioneers that claim that they sell real estate at auction, when in actuality they also sell other products at auction and do real estate on the side. Your best choice would be to choose a company that exclusively sells real estate at auction because their focus is real property, not personal property.
Is your company bonded as auctioneers in the State of California?
Auction companies that conduct business in the State of California are required by law to be bonded by the state. If the company you are interviewing is not bonded by the State of California do not trust your real estate to be sold legally by that company.
Is your company licensed by the Department of Real Estate (DRE) in California?
Any auction company selling real estate in California must have a DRE licensed Broker overseeing every auction. If the company you are interviewing is not licensed by the California Department of Real Estate do not allow them to sell your property.
Is your company a member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and the California State Auctioneers Association (CSAA)?
It is not mandatory that real estate auctioneers be members of the NAA or CSAA, but all auctioneers that are members of both associations are required to follow a code of ethics while practicing as a legitimate auction company. Do not do business with auctioneers that aren’t members of both associations because they may not be looking out for your best interests.
How many successful auctions has your company completed and how many years has your company been in the California real estate auction business?
Choosing a real estate auction company that has not conducted more than 100 successful auctions and been in the real estate auction business for at least 5 years in California may not be in your best interests. In order for real estate auctions to have a positive outcome, they must be handled by auctioneers that have the proper knowledge and experience, which can only be gained by conducting a multitude of successful real estate auctions in California over a legitimate time period.  
What type of marketing does your company utilize?
If the auction company does not have a clearly defined marketing plan (i.e. signage, print advertising, internet, Realtor advertising, direct mail, etc.) for your property, then the best choice is to move on to an auction company that can give you a clear description of how they will market your property.
Does your company conduct real estate auctions exclusively in California?
Real estate auction companies that conduct auctions in many different states will often times not understand the Calfornia market and can't give you a "hands on" approach, which may not lead to the successful sale of your property.  The best choice is to utilize a local California real estate auction company to handle all facets of your sale.