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"...What I needed was URGENCY---A reason for buyers to buy my house in as-is condition-NOW. And that is why I went with the auction format... BIG SUCCESS….My problem home was SOLD!!!"
-Mark F.

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Sell Your Home in 30 days… Introducing the “Pay No Mortgage/Pay No Commission Program”

Over several years we have tracked the results of clients who have used our program for selling their homes. When true selling and holding costs are subtracted with a traditional sale, we were able to net most of our clients the same and usually more money with a lot less hassle. The way in which we sell differs from the common way to sell real estate (list, wait & hope) in three ways:
  1. Our proactive process is based on urgency and encourages serious buyers to take immediate action. A listed property, on the other hand, offers little urgency with a much less chance of soliciting an offer to purchase.
  2. A massive marketing campaign is used to inform the buying public that our client’s property is available for purchase vs merely putting up a sign and listing it in the MLS… hoping a buyer will make an offer.
  3. Instead of charging a commission, we charge the buyer a premium to purchase our client’s property.
We have learned that by creating urgency and using competitive bidding, homes can be sold quickly at the highest price possible.
Also, because we sell property with no contingencies and require a large non-refundable deposit from the buyer, we close the majority of our escrows the first time around. In contrast, the traditional method only allows for about half of the escrows to close. Imagine waiting 6 months to find a buyer and have it fall out and not close!
The National Association of Realtors forecasts the competitive bidding method we use to sell real estate will soon comprise a third of all property sales.
In the early days when we were selling property using the traditional approach, one very hard pill to swallow was the fact that the seller had to commit to a 3-6 months listing agreement with no guarantee a buyer would be found. We felt the agreement was one-sided with all the risk on the sellers.
Our current process is much different and basically says “if our clients have realistic price expectations, we promise not to tie up their property for over 30 days… and we’ll put all the risk on us by agreeing to make their mortgage payment for the month it takes to find a buyer”. Obviously by doing this, we truly feel confident we can get the job done and provide our clients with the piece of mind that we also have something very tangible at risk (ie. if we don’t find a suitable buyer in one month who closes, we lose the money we used to make their mortgage payment.)
You now know more about us and our proven method of selling property.