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"...What I needed was URGENCY---A reason for buyers to buy my house in as-is condition-NOW. And that is why I went with the auction format... BIG SUCCESS….My problem home was SOLD!!!"
-Mark F.

  » Bakersfield Auction

Carson Hill This property was a rental property owned by an investor. It is located in southwest Bakersfield in the Silver Creek development. The home was in good condition with over 1,600 sq. feet (3 bedroom 2.5 baths). The owner tried selling it himself and even after offering any Realtor a full commission if they brought a buyer, the property didn’t sell. The investor priced the property at $162,000, based on recent comparable sales in the neighborhood. He had one offer for $150,000 which he turned down and another for $158,000, but the buyers couldn’t qualify, even though they told the investor they were pre-qualified. A lot of look y loos called at all hours wanting to see the home, even though many times the potential buyers didn’t even show up for the appointment. This investor didn’t want to list the property with a Realtor as his experience in the past was not good. When this investor decided to utilize Elite Auctions to sell his property, he was relieved - no more look y loos, no more escrows falling out because of buyers not qualifying or home inspectors scaring off the buyers. His house was sold to the highest bidder after one month of intense marketing. There were 15 registered bidders who brought $8,000 cashiers checks on the day of the auction. The final price was driven up to $169,400. The buyer closed in 25 days with all cash (not needing to qualify for a loan). End of story...and a repeat customer was shown the advantage of using the auction method of marketing real estate.